Do you love texting? Here are some ways to keep up the guys

Do you love texting? Here are some ways to keep up the guys

If you are facing issues in receiving a text from the guy, then in this article, you will learn how to text a guy.

Most of girls think that it is easy to text them, but if you do not get a text back then, what is the purpose of texting them. You need to take care of many things like what kinds of text you should send and at what time.

Unheard tips for your help are as follows-

  1. Show some care- You should not send simply hi to the guy as it sounds boring, which is why you should show some care with your message.
  2. Make them feel special- Make them feel special by replying to them faster, and also, they will start replying to you faster too.
  3. Show him you have a life- Show him that you have a life too because guys are only interested in those girls who are not dependent on others.
  4. Ask him questions- You should ask him different questions which will keep him interested in you.

Bottom lines

  1. Be funny- Being funny in the middle of the chat would create a good impact on your guy and will definitely be going to make him laugh.
  2. Attraction- You can send you snaps for the attraction, and in this way, the guy will start feeling about you more than ever.
  3. No lame jokes- No lame jokes should be allowed in the chat by your side because it will result in losing interest.
  4. Be impressive- Your impressive skills should be touching the sky, which will help in impressing the guy you want to chat with.