Everything you need to know about the backgammon game!

Everything you need to know about the backgammon game!

Board games have a rich history as they are being played since ancient times. There are various types of board games, but backgammon is one of the oldest and most popular board games. It was founded around 5000 years back is still played by people.

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Some of the essential characteristics of backgammon

What is the setup?

As it is a board game, it is played on a board that is separated into two sides. Each side of the board has long triangles, and these triangles are termed as points in the game.

The points are a specific pattern or shape and have numbers from 1 to 24 on them. At the starting of the game, each player has around 15 chips. Chips are placed on different points and in varying quantities. The players have to move their chips back to the 1 point, starting from the 24 points.

The movement in the game

The movement of each player depends on the dice that they roll. The first move is given to the player who dice got a higher number. In case both dices get the same number, then the players will roll the dice again.

The players have to move their checkers on the board according to the numberson the dices. For instance, if the players get a 5 and 2 on the dices, then he can use either one checker for 5 points or another for two or else he can make the same checker move for 7 points.